View looking up from atop Houston Falls

Houston Brook Falls: Bingham, ME

Last Visited: Saturday; August 4, 2012

Houston Brook Falls is a great waterfall and area to enjoy soaking in the water and take in the lovely scenery of Northern Maine.  There is the main waterfall with a couple shallow pools (4 feet or less during the summer when the water flow is low) underneath it and a few pool above the waterfall as well.  Pets are welcome along with anything you might want to bring with you to eat or drink.

Houston Brook Falls
Houston Brook Falls in Bingham, ME

Facilities, Fees and other information:  There aren’t any facilities at Houston Brook Falls and access is free.

How to get here:  From US Route 201 drive into Bingham, ME.  Turn onto Route 16 west and cross over the river.  Immediately after crossing turn right onto Ridge Rd.  About 3.5 miles down on the right you’ll see signs for a transfer station.  Park here and the trail to the falls is on your left (facing the transfer station from the road).

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