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Want to Get Away?  Welcome to Takeadaytrip.com.  Allow us to be your one stop recreation destination.  Its amazing the number of great options nearby and reachable in only a few hours! Next weekend, when you are sick of the rut and need something new – why not Take a Daytrip!

Founder Shawn, and frequent contributor Alana, have been friends from the first day of college orientation and are frequent exploration buddies.  When we aren’t lost on a forested trail or sandy beach, we can found eating and drinking locally.  We both are devout weekend warriors and love to share our hidden gems with our friends.

The more the merrier, come join our virtual table! We love to talk and share our passion for getting away without draining our gas tank; so please consider joining our mailing list. By clicking below we can continue the dialog and update you on the newest destinations.

Get Away from your screens and find your next daytrip, by using the above menu bar to discover indepth content. We have made it easy to search posts for specific venues. You can also check out the map below to find that special daytrip to indulge in your favorite past-time in the New England region:

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What began as a love letter to New England will develop as Alana discovers stunning Southeast daytrips. Being Massholes, we value constructive criticism and prefer ample amounts. Bring it!  This site is intended to be an ever evolving journey that sparks the wunderlust in our followers.  Leave a comment section or take our survey.

Remember its not spam if you ask for it!  Our mailing list is the quickest way to keep up on new updates, ideas and other things happening within the community:

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When you feel that need to get away – Take a daytrip! Shawn & Alana


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