Wilson Mountain Reservation; Dedham, MA

Last Visited: Thursday; May, 17, 2012

Wilson Mountain is a lovely 213 acre reservation and state park (link to Massachusetts State Department of Conservation and Recreation site for Wilson Mountain) in Dedham just off Route 128.  It is the largest single parcel of undeveloped land in Dedham and a wonderful place to spend a few hours enjoying the woods without going to far.

What to do here:  Wilson Mountain isn’t that large of a reservation, however for it’s relatively small size it does provide a great feeling of escape from the hectic bustle of everyday life.  Some activities include the following:

  • Hiking:  There are two main loop trails at Wilson Mountain: a 2 mile loop market with blue rectangular blazes and a 3/4 mile trail marked with red dots. Both of these trails are easy to see in the woods, however the markings can be a little lacking in some spots.  However, the reservation is small enough that if you get lost you should be able to find your way out to a road surrounding the reservation with relative ease.
Hiking trail at Wilson Mountain State Reservation
Hiking trail at Wilson Mountain State Reservation
  • Cross Country Skiing & Snowshoeing:  With enough snow the trails at Wilson Mountain would make nice loops to showshoe or cross country ski.  Most spots are smooth enough that it wouldn’t take much snow to allow for cross country skiing, however there are a few rough spots that would require more snow to enjoy in the winter.
  • Dog-Friendly:  Dogs are allowed at Wilson Mountain and officially you are supposed to keep them on a leash.  However many people were there with dogs off leash and it didn’t seem like a problem to let them off leash.  Keep in mind that this park is popular with dog owners and that, because it is wooded, there could be a lot of bugs there including ticks so make sure to check your pet when you leave.
  • Scenic View:  The view from the top of Wilson ‘Mountain’ (best called a hill in this writers opinion) has a nice view through the trees of downtown Boston.
Boston skyline from summit of Wilson Mountain in Dedham, MA
Boston skyline from summit of Wilson Mountain in Dedham, MA

How to get here:  The main parking lot for Wilson Mountain is right on Route 135 in Dedham, MA.  If you’re coming from Route 128 take exit 17 for Route 135, go towards Dedham off the ramp and the parking lot for the park is about half a mile down on your right.  It is marked by a fairly large sign and should be easy to spot.  For those of you using a GPS device to navigate, I’d put in the address of the Northeastern University Dedham campus which is next door to Wilson Mountain at the following address:

370 Common St.
Dedham, MA 02026

Facilities, Fees and other information:  The parking lot at Wilson Mountain is free, however it doesn’t have space for much more than 10 or 15 cars.  There aren’t any facilities including restrooms.  If you need some facilities, I would recommend going a few minutes down Route 135 (Common St.) after taking a right out of the parking lot and going to Downtown Dedham, there are plenty of great local shops and restaurants there.

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