Pomps Pond at dusk.

Pomps Pond Recreation Area – Andover, MA

Pomps pond is a town beach and park of just over 60 acres in Andover that is something of a local gem north of Boston.  There are lots of activities to enjoy including the following:

Beach Area:

  • Swimming/Beach:  In season Pomps Pond has a lovely town beach and
    Beach and Boat Areas.
    Beach and Boat Areas.

    swimming area.

  • Boating:  There are small boats available for rent including canoes, sailboats, kayaks and paddleboats.  You need to pass a swimming test before you can rent a boat.  For up to date rates please check the town’s website for Pomps Pond.
  • Paddleboards:  There are paddleboards are available for rent.
  • Volleyball:  There is a volleyball area in the beach area of Pomps Pond.
  • Sunbathing and Childrens Areas:  The beach area includes plenty of space for sunbathing and a area for children that includes a small playground.
  • Grilling area:  There are a few grills set up at Pomps Pond.
  • Fishing:  Fishing is allowed at Pomps Pond – just make sure to have a Massachusetts Fishing License for the season.

Rest of the Park:

  • Tennis Courts:  Pomps Pond features multiple tennis courts with lighting.
  • Baseball field.

    Inline Skating Area
    Inline Skating Area
  • Inline Skating Rink:  Their is a inline skating rink at the park that appears to be large enough for hockey games.
  • Basketball Court
  • Hiking Trails:  There is a small network of hiking trails throughout the park.

Facilities, fees and other information:

The beach section of the park has an entrance fee that is cheaper if you are a resident of Andover as the park is run by the towns Parks and Recreation Department.

Resident of Andover:

  • $5 per person Monday – Friday (non-holiday periods)
  • Weekends and Holidays: $5 for those under 13 and $10 for those 13 and older.
  • A season pass for the whole family can be purchased for your car if you are an Andover resident.  For the 2014 summer season it is $90 if purchased early ($75 for senior citizens) and $150 after the early purchase window closes ($90 for senior citizens).


  • $10 per person Monday – Friday (non-holiday periods)
  • Weekends and Holidays: $10 for those under 13 and $20 for those 13 and older.

There is a concession stand at the beach that is open from noon to 6 in season and there is a second concession stand in the ballfield area that is probably only open for special events.

Pomps Pond also offers special programming – for more information visit the Town’s Department of Community Services Pomps Pond Program Website.

Directions and Location:

Pomps Pond is located off of Abbot St. in Andover.  There is good signage from Abbot

Entrance Sign from Abbot St.
Entrance Sign from Abbot St.

St. that makes is easy to spot.  The closest highway exit is the Dascomb Road exit from I-93 (exit 42).   There is also a MBTA commuter rail station that is within walking distance of Pomps Pond – Ballardvale on the Haverhill Line that leaves from North Station in Boston.  However, it is a half hour walk so be prepared for an hour of walking round trip from the commuter rail.  If you’re driving that following address and GPS coordinates should get you close to entrance to Pomps Pond from Abbot St:

165 Abbot St.
Andover, MA 01810
42.635291, -71.146827

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