Walking Path at Millenium Park

Millennium Park – West Roxbury (Boston), MA

Last Visited:  Tuesday; June 12, 2012

What to do here: Millennium Park is actually the former site of a large landfill.  Dirt from the Big Dig project was used to cap off the landfill and a wonderful park was built on top of the fill.  It’s a great park and there’s actually quite a bit to do including the following activities:

  • Hiking: There are trails that loop around this park with there being at least 3 different loops ranging from half a mile to nearly one and a half miles.  Most of the pasts are paved and Handicap accessible, however there is a small graded dirt loop (the Nature Trail on the map) that is not paved

    Walking Path at Millenium Park
    Walking Path at Millennium Park
  • Cross Country Skiing & Snowshoeing:  If there is sufficient snow the terrain at Millennium Park has lots of different spots that would be great for snowshoeing or cross country skiing from the gentle paths to more steep hillside sections.
  • Dog Friendly:  Dogs are permitted as long as they are leashed.  I saw many dogs off leash and there didn’t seem to be any problems with that either.  Just make sure to pick up after your dog.
  • Sports Fields (mainly soccer):  There are 3 field areas at the park according to the map and it looks like the park has room for at least 3 full-size soccer fields to be going at the same time.

    Soccer fields at Millennium Park
    Soccer fields at Millennium Park
  • Tot lot:  There is a playground area designed for little kids and toddlers.
Tot Lot at Millennium Park
Tot Lot at Millennium Park
  • Picnicking Area:  There is a designated picnic area at Millennium park if you want to bring a packed lunch and relax with the views of Prospect Hill in Waltham, Great Blue Hill and Canton and a few other noteworthy landmarks

    Picnic Area and view looking Northwest from Millennium Park
    Picnic Area and view looking Northwest from Millennium Park
  • Biking:  The paved and unpaved paths should make for a nice relatively short ride (5 miles of less in total), however other people are going to be using the trails so you might not be able to go too fast.
  • Canoe/Small Boat Launch:  There is a boat launch onto the Charles River here for canoes and other small non-motorized boats.  The Charles River is pretty wide at this point and the water is pretty calm.

  • Fishing:  I didn’t see any signs the prohibited fishing here, however I didn’t see any the specifically allowed it either.
  • Kite Flying:  This park forms a hill and seems like it might be windy fairly often (it was when I was there) and that it might be a nice place to fly a kite.
  • Workout station:  There is a workout station available to do some calisthenics if you want to supplement a walk or ride through the park .
  • Amphitheater:  There is a small amphitheater in the park partially surrounded by a grass audience area.

How to get here:  Millennium Park is located off the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) Parkway in West Roxbury.  When you driving on the VFW turn onto for Charles Park Road and go to the end of it where it will turn into Gardiner St.  Gardiner St will lead you right into the park.  Charles Park Road is a left if you are coming from the south and a right if you’re coming from the north.  Al Wadi Lebanese Restaurant is located right on the corner of the VFW Parkway and Charles Park Road and is a good landmark to keep your eyes open for (in addition to being an incredibly tasty Lebanese restaurant that I highly recommend).  If you’re using a GPS device, use the address for the corporate headquarters of Uno’s restaurants and keep going when you reach your destination to reach the park:

100 Charles Park Road
West Roxbury, MA 02132

*West Roxbury is part of Boston so if your GPS doesn’t accept West Roxbury, use Boston instead.

Facilities, Fees and other information:  Parking is free and there are picnic facilities along with portable toilets.  All of the paved paths are handicap accessible and the sports fields looked to be in very good condition.  There didn’t appear to be any flush bathrooms, water fountains or other facilities beyond the portable toilets.  There are trash cans throughout the park.

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