Dogs playing at Cat Rock Park

Cat Rock Park – Weston, MA

Cat Rock Park is a dog-friendly park that is incredibly popular with dog owners and walkers in the MetroWest area.  It is a great place to enjoy a hike on its extensive trail

Dog Drying off after a swim.
Dog Drying off after a swim.

system throughout its 80 acres.  It also boasts a pond that is a great place to let your dog take a swim.  In the winter it’s also a wonderful spot to go out and cross-country ski or snowshoe with your pooch should there be enough snow on the ground.

Facilities, Fees and other information:

Cat Rock Park doesn’t have any facilities or fees to use it.  The pond in the park (Hobb’s Pond) is a favorite for dog owners.  Dogs are allowed off leash once you are far enough in the park and there is a limit of 4 dogs per person with a permit required for commercial dog walkers (that can be acquired at Weston City Hall).   Make sure to bring baggies to clean up after your dog too!

Locations and Directions:

Cat Rock Park is located right off Route 117 in Weston with the main parking area at

Main Parking Area at Cat Rock Park
Main Parking Area at Cat Rock Park

the end of Drabbington Way.  There are other parking facilities but this seemed to be the most useful one.  Drabbington Way can be accessed via Route 117, which is right off I-95/Route 128 at the Route 20 Exit (number 26).  For GPS device directions use the following address and coordinates:

90 Drabbington Way
Weston, MA 02493

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