Breakheart Reservation entrance and visitor center.

Breakheart Reservation – Saugus

Breakheart Reservation is a very ecologically diverse park that has something for everyone to enjoy just north of Boston.  This park was initially developed by the Civilian Conservation Corps during the Great Depression of the 1930’s.  It includes a surprisingly large amount of activities packed within it’s almost 700 acres including the following:

  • Hiking: Breakheart Reservation has a large network of trails that criss-cross the reservation.  Difficulty levels go from relatively gentle paved roads that are great
    Swimming Area at Pearce Lake in Breakheart Reservation.
    Swimming Area at Pearce Lake in Breakheart Reservation.

    for everyone to fairly strenuous hikes through the woods to the tops of the hills in the reservation.

  • Swimming: Breakheart Reservation has a swimming area on Pearce Lake.
  • Dog Park: There is a fenced off-leash area exclusively for use by dogs and their owners.
  • Golf: 9 Hole Cedar Glen Golf Course borders Breakheart Reservation and is one of the closest courses to Boston.
  • Fitness Area: Breakheart Reservation has a outdoor fitness area with fixtures and guides on how to use them near the visitor center.
  • Bicycling:  The paved roads through the park are
    Fitness area at Breakheart Reservation.
    Fitness area at Breakheart Reservation.

    closed to vehicular traffic and are great places to enjoy on a bicycle and some of the off road paths are also ideal for bikes.  Mountain biking is not allowed on single track trails in the park.

  • Amphitheater:  There is a small outdoor amphitheater near the visitor center.
  • Playgrounds:  There are several playgrounds throughout the reservation.
  • Fishing:  Fishing is allowed with a state permit in both ponds in the reservation.
  • Group Picnic Areas:  There are several covered outdoor picnic areas sprinkled throughout the park.

Facilities and Services:

Breakheart Reservation has a very nice visitor center (The Christopher P. Dunne

Interior of the Christoper P. Dunne visitor center at Breakheart Reservatin.
Interior of the Christoper P. Dunne visitor center.

Visitor Center) has restrooms, a water foundation, a sitting area and some exhibits about the local flora and fauna.  The visitor center and many features of the park are handicapped-accessible.

Directions and location:

Breakheart Reservation is located right off Route 1 in Saugus.  Keep an eye out for the Lynn Fells Parkway exit and Breakheart Reservation will be right after you leave Route 1 and is right behind the shopping plaza with a Target.  The lot at the visitor center is limited and fills up quickly on busy days, overflow parking is

Breakheart Reservation Map
Breakheart Reservation Map

available at the shopping plaza next door.  The address and location for those using GPS devices is as follows:

177 Forest St.
Saugus, MA 01906
42.479694, -71.025856

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