Looking back towards the beach area at Bluff Point State Park

Bluff Point State Park; Groton, Connecticut

Last Visited: Sunday; May 27, 2012

What to do here:  Bluff Point State Park is a lovely seaside park in Groton, Connecticut that encompasses just under 800 acres of land overlooking Long Island Sound and Fishers Island.  There are lots of activities to enjoy here, including the following:

  • Hiking:  There are several miles of gentle trails that loop around the park and make for a easy hike with amazing views.  The main trails were originally used by Governor John Wintrop in the 1700’s.
Trail with Long Island Sound view at Bluff Point State Park
Trail with Long Island Sound view at Bluff Point State Park
  • Mountain Biking:  Mountain bikes are permitted at Bluff Point and there are several challenging technical sections of trail.  However, the trails are shared with hikers and there are lots of people there on busy days so it may be too crowded at times to go very fast.
  • Dog Friendly:  Dogs are permitted at Bluff Point and the trails are a great place to take them out.  However, dogs are not permitted on the beach area during Piping Plover nesting season which runs from May 1st to September 1st.
  • Beach Area & Swimming:  Swimming is allowed at several areas in Bluff Point and there is a nice beach there though it is rocky with lots of shells.
Main Beach at Bluff Point State Park
Main Beach at Bluff Point State Park
  • Saltwater Fishing: Saltwater fishing is allowed at Bluff Point with a permit from the state of Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.  Please go their website for more information.
Saltwater fishing at Bluff Point State Park
Saltwater fishing at Bluff Point State Park
  • Shell fishing:  Shell fishing is permitted at Bluff Point with a permit from the Town of Groton.  Please call the town offices at (860) 441-6600 for more information or stop in at the town hall which is located at the corner of Route 1 and Depot St in Groton (where you turn off Route 1 to get to the park.   The address is 45 Fort Hill Road in Groton, CT 06340.  Fort Hill Road is US Route 1.
  • Panoramic Viewing:  Bluff Point has many lovely spots to take in the view of Long Island Sound, Fishers Island and the Connecticut coast.

  • Picnicking:  There are several fields, benches and rocky ledges with great views that are ideal for enjoying a packed lunch of picnic.

Favorite Activities:  Bluff Point is a great place to enjoy a nice leisurely hike with a group that has the reward of amazing views of Long Island Sound, Fishers Island and the Connecticut Coast that isn’t as crowded as many other nearby parks.  Bring a light meal along and enjoy the views with some company. It’s also a nice place to take a swim, however there aren’t any shower facilities.

Directions:  Bluff Point is reached by taking exit 88 off Interstate 95 in Connecticut for route 117.  Take Route 117 south until it ends at Route 1.  Turn right onto Route 1 south and take a left at the next light you see for Depot Rd.  Bluff Point is at the end of Depot Road after you pass under the Amtrak tracks.  For those of you using a GPS device put in an address on Depot Road in Groton and just make sure to keep driving to the end of Depot Road when you reach the GPS destination to get to the park.

Facilities, Fees and other information:  There is no fee to park at Bluff Point  There are pit bathrooms at the main entrance area along with a water spigot.  There is also a hot dog truck that does tend to show up on busy days, but I wouldn’t rely on it being there if you know you’re going to get hungry.  There are no trash receptacles at Bluff Point so plan on packing out what you need to throw away.  Also, dogs aren’t allowed on the beach for several months each year to protect the nesting sites for the Piping Plover, an endangered shorebird species.  Please go the park website for a link to a map and other information.

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