The joy of taking a vacation in the off season.

My wife and I just came back from a wonderful weekend out in the Berkshires where it was definitely quiet season with very little snow to bring skiers in and all of the warmer weather activities long having finished for the season.  It’s nice not to wait for a seat at a restaurant, get a deal on a place to stay or see many attractions with a lot fewer people there.  The Berkshires are far from the only place in the Northeast that can really shine in the off-season.  Cape Cod is very quiet this time of the year and the islands can feel totally empty – even places like Boston aren’t quite so hectic since the flow of tourists tends to slow down sometime after October ends.

A trip out to Western Massachusetts or Upstate New York is lovely any time of the year and the weather in January is certainly less than ideal – however places like Stockbridge, Lenox, and other lovely postcard-worthy New England towns are lit up from the holiday season (at least for a little while longer).  The Vineyards, Museums, Cider Houses, Distilleries, State Parks and other attractions are a great way to get away with only a modest drive and many of the places to stay are offering reduced rates.

When a trip to a warmer climate or ski destination isn’t an option for you consider a relaxing trip to someplace close to home – there’s lots of wonderful places on sales that make for an ideal getaway!