It all started with a hike..

In 2006, Shawn climbed Mount Katahdin, the highest point in Maine, and discovered a passion.  For Shawn (and Alana), hiking and getting outside became an opportunity to bond with loved ones – especially in warm weather – although hot cider or steamy cocoa is rewarding at the end of an autumn or winter expedition!

After that initial hike, Shawn harnessed his inner geek and scoured New England tourism publications.  Shawn and his band of miscreants, which Alana dubbed the Shawntourage, realized Desire + Time Allocation = Mini Vacation.  

Friends, good shoes, a Camel-back and a camera heighten the experience! After grueling work weeks under fluorescent lighting and stale air,  Shawn found the determination to explore as many distinct places as possible in his free time.

Shawn constantly interfaced with people bored by their routine and looking for fresh experiences.  They often didn’t venture far and returned to familiar spots (kind of like the weekend version of Groundhog’s Day)!  Through insights and recommendations, Shawn enjoyed more unique escapes without the hassle of a long and pricey trip.

In an era when wages are flat, gas expensive, $6 coffees and politics running amok people remain disconnected from each other and our surroundings.  We experience stress faster and diminish time for activities that enable us to cope in healthy fashions. 

Image result for there is no wifi in the forest quotesThis website will help people discover nearby places to immerse themselves and feel like they’ve gotten away; even if they can’t afford a hotel or airfare.  People inhabiting a particular area frequently take what is local for granted.  Hopefully, this website will allow readers discover regional treasures and awaken their passion.  

We are here to help you discover novel places and fresh activities.  Due to Shawn & Alana’s primary interest of being outdoors you will find a focus on experiences in the natural world.  Since hiking accelerates our appetites and being unabashed localvores, we will feature local restaurants for post-adventure rewards.  Furthermore, inclement weather or accessibility may take people inside. Hence, we will spotlight museums, galleries & shops that spark our interests. We hope to entertain, educate and inspire you to explore the areas close to where you live.  

Carpe Highway!  

Shawn & Alana

PS: Please complete our survey.  This will assist us in website expansion and facilitate increased engagement with our followers.  We look forward to your feedback and sharing in your excursions.  

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