Making the best of life in a bad economy.

I was out enjoying a delightful sunny afternoon today while taking my lunch break at work and had a thought about adding a little more to the reasons why I’m working to get this site off the ground.  I was walking out from my haircut and there was a gentleman being removed from the parking lot in an ambulance after the police came because he was causing a ruckus and interrupting people.  Apparently there was a lot of swearing and anger in general.  It’s a theme that I’ve seen a lot of lately.

Regardless of why you might think things are tough out there, they most certainly are.  Unemployment is up over 8% (honestly probably nearer to 10 if you counted it correctly), the economy might be headed back into a recession (or we may have never escaped the last one), wages are flat and people are worried out there.  Stuff’s getting more expensive and paychecks aren’t keeping up and people have had to cut back on all sorts of things considered frivolous that are often a key part of one’s well being.  Often it’s the vacation budget and time that’s the first to go when people are making cuts to survive.  Of a lot of people feel that they need to be constantly available because of the fear of losing their job since there are so many people out there eager and ready to jump right in.

I see people who are stressed out, overworked, under appreciated and a lot closer to the breaking point than ever before.

In a environment like that I think it’s even more important then ever to plan a getaway, no matter how small.  Luckily, we’re blessed to live in an area with TONS of great places to see and things to enjoy.  Within two hours of Boston there are wonderful beaches, lovely mountains and tons of amazing places in between.  The amount of trips that you can do on one gas tank is pretty impressive!  If you can add a day to two together to get a little further away that list grows even more.  Making a little time to step back, decompress and unwind is more important now than ever.  Whether that is some time with your toes in the sank at a lovely beach, sitting at the top of a mountain enjoying the panoramic view or doing something else you need to set aside the time for it.  Having that stress release and sense of escape is so important when times are tough.  Even if it’s only a few hours, make the time to get outside and enjoy out little corner of the world.  From Scusset Beach to Mt. Sunapee and everything in between there are lots of great places nearby that are a very cheap and close trip.

So get out there and add some sunshine to your life!!  Happy Trails!  🙂  For the time being, enjoy the following video of an empty and somewhat tranquil Scusset Beach from last weekend (the amount wind making it only somewhat tranquil..):