Outdoors in the Old North State

When I moved to North Carolina, I never imagined the treasures this state would have in store.  I moved to Charlotte, unexpectedly and discovered in many ways Western North Carolina wasn’t too different from New England.  From Charlotte it’s between 90 – 150 minutes to the mountains and about 3 hours to scads of beaches.  Also the craft beer scene matches and dare I say exceeds, my beloved Vermont brews.

For me the biggest change was swapping out seafood for barbecue – yummy in a more indulgent way!  This page will serve to help educate visitors and new comers to its natural wonders.

 North Carolina

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Most the posts will focus in this region of North Carolina

Western North Carolina is land of grandeur.  It is home to the highest mountain (Mt. Mitchell at 6,684 sq.ft) & the tallest waterfall (Whitewater Falls) on the East Coast.  Maids tremble in fear at the thought of cleaning the largest private residence (The Biltmore Estate & its 250 rooms).  While atop Grandfather Mountain, you can walk across a mile-high suspension bridge.  

Charlotte, the largest city in the region was the heart of the original frontier during colonial era.  Deemed a “Hornet’s Nest” by the British, there has long been an independent strike by its residents. Charlotte celebrates Meck Day on May 20th to commemorate the reading of the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence on 5/20/1775 following the battles of Lexington & Concord.  It is considered to be the first Declaration of Independence against Britain and an inspiration for Thomas Jefferson. Today, the population is just under 900,000, roughly 45% the size of the state capital of Raleigh.  Other cities to visit include Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Boone and Asheville.

If you are looking for a trip filled with natural wonders, delicious food and warm hospitality, then Western North Carolina is the spot for you!



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