Holiday season hiatuses and moving forward

December is a busy time of the year for many people and I’m no exception.  Between work going crazy this time of the year and the holiday season, it’s hard to get much else done even if the desire to is still there.  However, I have hopes to get a few places in my new neighborhood up here for your viewing pleasure including the DeCordova Museum & Sculture Park and The Charles River Museum of Industry in Waltham

Beyond that I have ambitious plans for 2013 including starting up a meetup group to bring other interested people along in exploring Greater Boston and New England with me as well as getting a mobile app put together and launched so that this site is at it’s best on your smartphone.  I’d love any thoughts on places to go or improvements I should make (among the huge list that I have on my list that i want to do).

Otherwise, take some time out of this busy time of the year to relax and enjoy the many awesome things around where you live!  Happy adventuring!!