Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge and finding new places.

One of the things that I’ve enjoyed more because of working on this website is finding about so many new places near me that I never knew existed.  My most recent profile for Round Hill and Weir Hill illustrates this.  I went to Round hill to check out it out and share it with you, however when I was there I also got to check out Weir Hill and learn about a pretty large National Wildlife Refuge (Great Meadows) that is right in my backyard that I had no idea about.  That led me to several more discoveries including a whole bunch of new places to explore that are owned by the Sudbury Valley Trustees, a great park on the way home that I intend to visit in the future in Wellesley and several more months of ‘work’ and exploration in front of me.  For now, I would reccommend a visit if you’re looking for a little quiet and serenity without going too far from home.  This place was a unexpected treat!

Getting back to exploring new places!

Hello, my dear few readers (so far)..  So, I know most people consider Labor Day Weekend to be the unofficial end of summer.  I tend to march to a slightly later beat in that regard.  My favorite month for traveling is September since the weather is still great, most things are still open and nearly everyone else is back to school or work.  Thus, I tend to go into vacation mode and put everything I need to do off in September instead of most people who do that in August.

My whole point in getting here is to say that I’m back and ready to go exploring more places in New England for everyone to get out and enjoy.  I’m trying to visit a mix of state parks, privately maintained areas and other cools spots and mix the areas I visit up a bit so there’s something for everyone.

View from the Trustees Charles River Peninsula in Needham.
View from the Trustees Charles River Peninsula in Needham.

So I just visited a great Trusteees Property in Needham, check out my page for the Charles River Peninsula and take some time to go there if you need an hour or two of quiet time with nature near home.  I’m also just about to head out the door to check out a property maintained by an organization I just heard of recently: The Sudbury Valley Trustees.  The maintain a lot of properties west of Boston.  I’m going to check out Round Hill in Sudbury and hopefully another Trustees of Property in Dover and Natick: Pegan Hill.  These are all smaller spots but I often prefer them because you tend to have a quieter experience which can be a wonderful antidote to the hectic page of modern urban and suburban life.  So, get out there and explore where you live!  There’s a lot to enjoy!!